These drawings explore the expressive and metaphorical potential of scale and the poetics of space. They represent a relative and inviting universe, an arena that invites the discovery and unfolding of imaginative worlds. In these works, color, shape, and line, set free from their mooring in representation, become vehicles for exploring spatial relationships while serving at the same time as apt metaphors for the personal, social and technological interactions of contemporary experience. On both a microcosmic or macrocosmic level-- via digital networks, mass transportation, neural transmitters, cellular arteries, DNA, inner and outer space or even the much slower reciprocity of conversation and everyday transactions, the constant and ever present synapsis of this exchange has become so assimilated and amorphous as to be barely perceptible. These networks are delicate and precarious, yet strong and enduring.
This work draws upon a variety of sources including ethnographic textiles, electron microscopy, 20th century graphic design, manuscript illumination and the Eames’ film “Powers of 10”. In making visible the relationships, contexts, and energies that exist within the transient and mutant variables of shape, structure and space, I give tangible form to the on-going dialectic of public/private, macro/micro and imagination/actuality that so informs the way we live today.
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